3 tips on keeping your carpets clean

It can be very challenging to keep your carpet clean, especially in houses where there are pets and lots of visitors. Keeping carpets clean can improve the appearance of your carpet. Here are 3 important tips to keep your carpets clean.

1. Treat a stain immediately after it occurs

When there is a spill, absorb as much of the liquid as possible with a clean rag. Then use carpet cleaner on the affected area. Wait for some time, then use a clean rag to soak the excess moisture. Keep on repeating this process until the stain is gone.

2. Vacuum regularly

Vacuuming regularly can get rid of the dirts from your carpet. If left alone, dusts can get to the bottom of the carpet which is difficult to remove. If you vacuum regularly, the dust won’t sink and your vacuum cleaner would be able to pick it up. You don’t need to buy an expensive vacuum cleaner. Just buy a good one and do the cleaning regularly.

3. Invest in professional carpet cleaning at least once a year

Most of the ground dirts in a carpet will be removed by professional steam cleaning, that is not possible to remove with vacuuming. Small allergens can get trapped in the carpet fibres that are difficult to remove in the normal way. So, getting a professional carpet cleaner to do the job at least once a year can ensure that your carpet is clean and germ free.

Your carpet is a place where your toddler can sit and play; or where you can sit in a relaxed way and watch TV. It is important to keep it clean and germ-free all the time to maintain good health of your family members and yourself.