Janie Payne
Janie Payne – Manager/Blogger

Freemark Barnsley is a home cleaning company from Dallas, Texas. We are a household name in Dallas for your domestic cleaning. Members of the families are busier now than before; both mom and dad are working, children are busy with school and extracurricular activities. There is very little time to spend on home cleaning tasks. By hiring us for your domestic cleaning job, you can spend more enjoyable time with your family.

Since our start in 1999, we have been providing the highest quality house cleaning service possible. We are fully insured and reference-checked. Our staffs receive comprehensive training before they start their actual work. They are regularly trained and the quality of their works is checked regularly. Our staffs are very friendly. You will be comfortable having them around your house. We supply all the domestic cleaning products and equipment. After cleaning, our manager will perform a quality check. We also ask the customers to join the inspection and ask for their opinion. We make sure that our customers are satisfied with our works.

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